Donna Aldridge pastel painting "Blue Pitcher with Fruit" is a classic still life pastel painting glowing with color and light.

"Blue Pitcher with Fruit"          18.5" x 26.5"                Pastel Painting
DVD showing painting this start to finish available. See below

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Enhance your sense of Mastering Color
3-DVD Art Instruction Series by Donna Aldridge,
an international award-winning painter with works in 25 countries
contact Aldridge Studios, info below. See
Table of Contents

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 I celebrate elegant
structure, space and light
with delicious color.
        —Donna Aldridge

Donna Aldridge PSA M-MAPS is an international award-winning painter
with works in private and corporate collections in twenty-five countries.

NEW: Painting in Oils on Colourfix - 2-hr. DVD
Donna Aldridge painting 3 Oils start to finish with comments on pigments used, brushes, mediums. Many 'whys and where-fors' showing three different technical approaches, applicable to any painting surface
w/Old Holland, Art Spectrum & Maimeri Puro Brands.

NEW: Pastel Painting - 2-hr. DVD
Donna Aldridge painting Still Life with Blue Pitcher, seen above, start to finish working on Colourfix SuperTooth Board with Art Spectrum Jumbo Pastels.
Rubbing Alcohol underpainting technique plus many 'whys and where-fors' about concept, composition, choosing various colors, ways of laying them on, etc.
Also Featured are 3 Additional short Demos:
Kansas Fields- 20 minutes
Pastel over Acrylic Underpainting - Colourfix Paper
Mountain Stream - 22 minutes
Pastel over Charcoal Value Study and Acrylic Wash
on Colourfix Board
The Pirate Demo - 18 minutes
Additions to Background Areas of Portrait Demo from LIfe
originally painted at the MidAmerica Pastel Society

Donna Aldridge - Aldridge Studios for fine art and study of painting techniques












Mastering Color Table of Contents
   • Seeing the Light ~ Volume 1
   • Hue-Temperature-Value-Intensity ~ Volume 2
   • Color in Action ~ Volume 3
   Each AE Mastering Color DVD includes:
   48 Paintings in an Annotated Gallery
     —Works by Donna Aldridge and 35 Guest Artists
from across the USA, from Australia and Europe
             —Text for each work discusses how the artist                  successfully used various qualities covered
in the DVD
           Printable Color Charts and Information Sheets
   Experiments and Tips
For Any Subject Matter
For All Experience Levels
For Any Medium — including
   Oil Acrylic Watercolor Pastel •
   Printmaking Digital Photography Etc.
with Annotated Gallery on each DVD with 48 images
by 35 Artists from across the USA, from Australia and Europe
   for more information and to e-purchase

Seeing the Light! — 1
On this DVD, you’ll discover:
effects of different lighting situations
   colors of various light sources and their use
— to see and understand your subject’s colors
— for easier, more successful color mixing
— to paint shadows with new life!
   methods to show form
       through both light/shadow & color
   ways to turn “blah” pieces
       into exciting paintings!
   techniques to create colors that glow
Subjects covered include:
Five Qualilties of Light and Shadow
   The Color of Lights and Shadows
   Light’s Color + Local Color = Visual Color
   Using Light/Shadow Color Info for Mixing Paints
   Reflected Lights
   Power of Hard to Soft Shadow Edges

Hue • Temperature • Value • Intensity — 2:
On this DVD, you’ll discover:
ways to understand and work with
       the Four Color Qualities
   tips and experiments to really
       SEE and develop your colors
   how to use H•T•V•I as a “check list”
       to get exact colors
   solutions for sensing the right values
   techniques to create colors that glow
   why and how to constantly relate all your colors
   the power of grays and other low intensites
   great lessons exploring any one color family
Subjects covered include: